Participant at the International Women's Day march in Toronto on Saturday, March 5, 2016.

Participant at the International Women’s Day march in Toronto on Saturday, March 5, 2016. (Dylan Bell/Ryersonian Staff)

Three thousand people rallied in Toronto on Saturday to celebrate the 105th International Women’s Day. The event kicked off with a series of rallying calls at Bloor and St. George streets, followed by a march that wound through the core of the city, ending on Gould Street. After the march, participants gathered on campus for a fair organized by the Centre of Women and Trans People.

Intersectionality – the theory of how different types of discrimination interact – within the women’s movement was the cornerstone of the event. Key note speakers discussed racism, colonialism and systematic injustice in Canada. In the packed auditorium, one activist addressed the need for furthering reconciliation efforts with aboriginal communities across Canada. Several others took the stage to speak on issues that affect women in the workplace such as the gender wage gap, precarious work and employers not respecting the terms of maternity leave. Members of Black Lives Matter Toronto were also present and spoke about anti-black racism and the need for stronger solidarity within the women’s movement. Increased understanding of the unique discrimination felt by Muslim women in Canada due to Islamophobia and anti-Muslim sentiments were also a key focus of the event.



Dylan is a fourth-year journalism student and one of The Ryersonian's news editors.

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