Ryerson Eats is giving away free money through its Tuesday Twitter trivia.

Each week, @RUeats tweets a trivia question about Ryerson’s local food. Students who participate in the weekly trivia have 24 hours to answer before one name is randomly selected from the correct responses in the given day. The winner is rewarded a voucher of either $5 or $10 towards food at the cafeteria, or “caf cash.”


Ryerson Eats will be giving away caf cash throughout the semester. (Betty Wondimu/The Ryersonian)

The vouchers can be used at any Ryerson Eats location, such as the International Living Learning Centre (ILLC), Pitman Hall and the Hub cafeteria. The voucher must be used up in $5 increments. “We didn’t get much participation (in the past) without the incentive,” said Melissa Yu, communications and administrative co-ordinator for Ryerson food services, of the trivia game.

The addition of caf cash grabs the attention of some students while informing them about the in-season, local food. Trivia questions are usually based on blog posts from the Ryerson Eats website. Last month they featured squash, which at the time, was the food of the month.

This week, it tweeted “GIVEAWAYS are back! Caf cash to someone who can tell us what the Iroquois called the ‘3 (inseparable) sisters.’”

Corn, beans and squash: Those were the three words that won Shannon Sweeney, a fourth-year arts and contemporary studies student, her caf cash last week. Sweeney lives in ILLC as a residence adviser and is an example of how caf cash is benefiting Ryerson Eats. She said she started following the Twitter account to learn more about the new Ryerson Eats food menu. Then the trivia caught her attention.

According to Sweeny, caf cash not only gives her a reason to eat at the Ryerson Eats cafeterias, but it also makes things easier and cheaper when she is in a rush.

“The caf cash can come in handy when I want to grab something quick to eat in between classes,” Sweeney said.

Caf cash rewards will continue throughout the semester.

This story was first published in The Ryersonian, a weekly newspaper produced by the Ryerson School of Journalism, on Jan. 21, 2015.

Melissa contributed to the Ryersonian in 2014-2015.