Cannabis is legal in Canada, but that doesn’t mean students can use it wherever they want.

Smoking, vaping and growing cannabis will not be allowed in or near campus buildings, according to the new rules from the legalization of cannabis committee.

The committee is comprised of various administrative leaders as well as student leaders from Ryerson Students’ Union. They worked with different Ontario universities over the past year to come up with a uniformed plan on how to handle the legalisation.

The committee created a website with answers to commonly asked questions concerning student use, such as where a student can smoke on campus and the consequences of misconduct.

Some of the new rules prohibit students from smoking or growing cannabis in campus buildings for recreational use. There are accommodations for medical use, but each request is  reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

In accordance with the Ryerson Student Code of Non-Academic Conduct (Policy 61) that addresses alcohol use, students are not permitted to come to class high or impaired.
Any infractions will be processed through Ryerson’s administrative policies and an individual penalty may be given depending on the severity of the infraction.  

Ryerson campus security will also be monitoring the grounds for any infractions, and students are encouraged to say something if they see people misusing the drug.

Students who wish to burn cannabis for ceremonial purposes are permitted to, but a notification stating a time and location must be sent to Facilities Management and Development three days prior.

The committee’s website also contains information on health and safety about cannabis use.

The health considerations discuss the physical effects of cannabis, and includes a section on addiction. Links are available for addiction prevention and help services.

The website says as Canadian law changes concerning cannabis, so will Ryerson’s policies. For any updates and more information, you can visit

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