Ryerson spent approximately $53,000 to relocate classes for one day earlier this month following a burst steam pipe that shut down five campus buildings.

The university rented 24 conference room spaces in 10 downtown locations on Feb. 4 to accommodate the closures. The Registrar’s Office relocated 152 classes in these locations.

A steam pipe that redirects heat from Kerr Hall to the Architecture Building, Monetary Times, Sally Horsfall Eaton Centre and Eric Palin Hall was damaged along the underground span that runs under Church Street. This also caused a power outage in Kerr Hall East.

The university said that none of the buildings were damaged. But only a temporary solution is in place to restore heat to the buildings for the rest of the winter.

Options for permanent repairs are still being assessed and the total costs have not been determined yet.

A timeline created on Feb. 21 of Ryerson’s closures due to the steam leak (Spencer Turcotte/Ryersonian)
Spencer Turcotte is the Ryersonian's winter 2019 Broadcast Editor. Connect with him on Twitter @turcottespencer.

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