While International Women’s Day is one dedicated to celebrating the females in our lives, Sophie Trudeau, wife of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, had a different message for women. In a Facebook post yesterday, she called for a celebration of “the boys and men in our lives who encourage [women] to be who we truly are.”

Despite this, members of the Ryerson community are focusing on the women in their lives, rather than the men. We took to Ryerson campus to ask students who the most inspirational women in their lives are.


Rachael Dineen. Courtesy Yasmin Arnaout

Rachael Dineen

Second-year international economics and finance student

“It’s probably really cheesy, but my mom. She’s a single mom and she works so hard and had to do everything herself. She went back to school and still raised me and my brother. It’s just great, it’s so inspiring to want to be like her.”



Hana Mohamed. Courtesy Yasmin Arnaout

Hana Mohamed

First-year electrical engineering student

“My grandmother was pretty inspirational. She was a doctor, a gynecologist I believe, and she travelled basically everywhere. I’m from Egypt, where people assume we’re all oppressed women, but my grandmother went to med school and then she travelled to places that needed help.”



Calvin Coplen and Nicholas Couillard. Courtesy Yasmin Arnaout

Calvin Coplen

First-year biomedical engineering student

“My mother is. She’s a go-getter. She has a very good moral code and she achieves her goals and teaches me how to do the same.”

Nicholas Couillard

First-year mechanical engineering student

“I’d say my grandmother. She’s 90 and she just opened  up a camping ground in Mexico, so she’s still going. It’s pretty inspirational.”


Marquitta Crichlow. Courtesy Yasmin Arnaout

Marquitta Crichlow

PhD student from Michigan, visiting Ryerson

“My mother. She has been through a lot with me as a kid, she has made sacrifices for me. Things that she has said and done, I didn’t understand when I was younger. As I got older, now I understand where she was coming from and the sacrifices she made. She’s my queen.”



Lisa-Marie Pierre. Courtesy Yasmin Arnaout

Lisa-Marie Pierre

PhD student from Michigan, visiting Ryerson

“I would have to say my grandmother. I’m from the U.S. and she came from Haiti to the U.S. She was really poor in Haiti, came to the U.S., learned how to speak English and was able to buy property. She only had a sixth-grade education but was able to do so much. Whenever I think of her, I think of perseverance and possibilities.”



                                                                                          David Linardi

                                                                                          First-year computer engineering student

David Linardi and Caroline Ferreira. Courtesy Yasmin Arnaout

“Probably my mom because of everything she does for our family and all the people around me in my life. It’s just impressive.”

Caroline Ferreira

First-year criminology student

“Little girls are probably the most inspirational because they’re the ones who always find men and women equal. They don’t really find differences in between them.”          

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