The Ryersonian team members shares their views on which nations they will be supporting at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

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With a vastly multicultural newsroom including journalists from the Palestinian Territories, Portugal, Germany, and Greece, the Ryersonian team gives you the lowdown on who the tournament favourites and dark horses are.

Features Editor Arman Aghbali chose to highlight Iran as his pick for a semifinal berth. Photo Editor Maria Assaf highlights a Colombian side fuelled by the efforts of goal scorer Radamel Falcao, as a potential winner.

Host Brazil and perennial favourite Germany received the most votes of confidence in the newsroom.

Ryersonian Predictions:

Features Editor Arman Aghbali – Iran to make semifinals, Spain to win
Reporter Michael Duncan – Germany to win
Workflow Manager Peter Lozinski – Brazil / Argentina to win
Lineup Editor Jasmine Pazzano – Italy to win, obviously
Arts and Life Editor Maria Siassina – cheering for Russia
Managing Editor Print Diana Hall – Brazil to win
Reporter Hayley Brauer – Germany to win
Sports Editor / News Editor Victor Ferreira – Germany / Spain to win
Copy Editor Sydney Poulos – Brazil to win
Reporter Sarah Warne – cheering for Greece
Managing Editor Online Sahar Fatima – cheering for Brazil
Sports Editor Dan Berlin – Brazil to win
Copy Editor Greg DeClara – Spain to win
Reporter Carly Thomas – Mexico to win
Photo Editor Maria Assaf – Colombia to win
Reporter Jean Ko Din – cheering for the underdog
Reporter Nuruddin Qorane – Netherlands to win
News Editor Mohamed Omar – Argentina to win
Professor Jagg Carr-Locke – Germany to win
Professor Gavin Adamson – cheering for USA
Managing Editor Broadcast Tanya Mok – cheering for Mexico / Nigeria

Victor graduated from the Ryerson School of Journalism in 2014.