Function editorial staff (from left to right) Amanda Woolley, Giordana Vescio, Lucy Lu and Lyndsey Constable. (Courtesy Function magazine Instagram)

It’s a super sweet sixteen for the image arts school’s annual publication, as Function magazine held its official launch party last Thursday.

Function magazine showcases essays and photos from Ryerson’s film, photography and new media programs. The launch party at Neck of the Woods Nightclub marked the start of the issue, which is published every April.

Fourth-year photography student Giordana Vescio has taken on the role of Function’s managing editor. Students Amanda Woolley, Lucy Lu and Lyndsey Constable are all part of this year’s editorial team.

But like any 16-year-old, Function has grown up. Once just a photography magazine, it has evolved into a print, online and social media venture.

It allows students to prepare for a career in magazine publishing and gives them the opportunity to show future employers their ability to take on more responsibility.

“It is a great opportunity to exercise a range of skills from design, to curation, to writing, and managing,” said Vescio.

“Function’s had such a long and positive history, and we’ve heard many good things from alumni who did Function in school.”

Though the cliché goes that a picture is worth a thousand words, Function is now putting more emphasis on interviewing.

The issue will include an interview with documentary filmmaker Eugene Richards, as he shares his 50 years of film-industry experience.

The team is also planning an interview with Toronto-based new media artist Jeremy Bailey.

Image arts professor Don Snyder appreciates the student-run aspect of the magazine, and the unique angle of a new team every year.

“The great thing about Function is that each year it takes a different form, because of the editorial team, the decisions they make and the work that the students submit,” said Snyder.

Snyder admits that fundraising was a challenge in the magazine’s early days, but the annual tradition has now seen each year’s editorial team share its lessons with the next group.

The magazine’s team of graduating students is also quickly learning life lessons while on the job.

From the importance of cost to finding a perfect deal for a new project, this year’s group is determined to hold their ground as they learn to “function” in a fast-paced industry.

Fatima Syed graduated from the Ryerson School of Journalism in 2015. She has a passion for fashion and lifestyle writing and social media. You can follow her at @FatimaSyed91 on Twitter.