RyPlanner has over 1,300 users and 4,000 views since its creation (Jenn McNaughton/Ryersonian Staff)

RyPlanner has over 1,300 users and 4,000 views since its creation (Jenn McNaughton/Ryersonian Staff)

A Ryerson student has created a new way for students to build a mock class schedule without having to deal with the fussiness of Ryerson’s Administrative Management Self Service (RAMSS).

Ali Isfran, a first-year business management student, created RyPlanner, a website that shows the times, locations, instructors and even Rate My Professors grades, for students to plan and visualize their class schedule.

“(RAMSS) could be way better,” said Irfran. “It shouldn’t be this hard to pick your courses and visualize your schedule. It’s unnecessary stress that us students don’t need to have.”

Even for upper-year students that have used the web-based enrolment system many times, RAMSS is still confusing.

“I’ve had to draw it out on paper first because it’s hard to organize potential classes,” said Ambar Soekardji, a fourth-year social work student.

“It could definitely use a visual update too because it can be somewhat challenging to navigate,” she said.

According to Irfran, collecting the course information data remains his biggest obstacle in keeping RyPlanner updated. It is also stopping him from developing newer features.

“Sometimes professors change, or class times change. Ideally, I want to collaborate with Ryerson in some way so I can get access to all the important information,” said Isfran.

“Then I can add other features, like searching for courses that are open or closed. Eventually, I want to make an auto-scheduler, where you can just put in the courses you want with your preferred time and preferred teachers, and then (RyPlanner) would make it for you.”

To date, Irfran said that RyPlanner has over 1,300 users and 4,000 views.

“(RyPlanner) isn’t one of those things that you click on and say ‘Oh, that’s cool.’ You actually go back and use it,” said Irfran. “That’s how I can tell that I’m doing something right.”

Despite changes made to Ryerson’s learning management system, such as the university’s recent switch from Blackboard to Brightspace, RAMSS seems to be the one integral resource to students that has yet to receive an update.

“I know students only use RAMSS during peak times in the year, but it’s our courses,” Irfran said. “It’s a major deal for students. We need something easier to use.”

Charmaine Hack, Ryerson’s university registrar, said that a Request for Proposal (RFP) was released in late 2015 requesting submissions for an enrolment scheduler to be merged with RAMSS.

“The proposals submitted are now being reviewed and we hope that a successful vendor will be announced in the comings weeks,” said Hack.

A user-friendly interface and features like “drag and drop course selection, course filtering, space availability, (and) course pinning,” said Hack, are just some of the features set to be released for the August 2016 course enrolment period.

This article was published in the print edition of the Ryersonian on Feb. 3, 2016.

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