Roughly 150 protesters came out to Nathan Phillips Square Wednesday to express their frustration and disappointment in Mayor Rob Ford, demanding that he resign.

While people chanted anti-Rob Ford slogans, the most angry and expressive messages were written on posters and pavement. “Shit is Fucked,” read a typical sign.

Dawn MacDonald, 53, one of the first protesters at the scene, said she was disappointed by the low turnout.

“My first thought is, ‘shame on Toronto.’ Now is our time to have a public demonstration of our dissatisfaction with our Mayor and this is your opportunity and you’re not here. It’s a real disappointment for me,” she said.

The protest, called Save Toronto, was organized and announced Tuesday night by a group of concerned citizens as a result of Ford’s confession Tuesday that he smoked crack cocaine. A spontaneous protest broke out following his announcement.

“After nearly a year of lies, deception and disrespect, it is time for Rob Ford to step down and end his term. Not after an election, not after a leave of absence, but immediately,” the group’s media release states.

Gean Brophey, 56, used her day off work to express her disappointment.

“I think a lot of people are really, really angry but they are like, ’Well what can we do?’ There are not going to take time off to come here,” Brophey said. “I never do stuff like this; I’ve had it with this guy. I had to come out, there’s nothing we can do.”

Ford’s admission made international headlines and provided fresh content for several late night comedy shows, including The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

“He has been an embarrassment consistently for a long time now,” said protestor Elizabeth Pateitsas, 24.

She said she was not surprised by Ford’s continuous lies because he is a politician.

Save Toronto is planning another protest on November 13th if the mayor still has not resigned.

Check out photos from the protest here:


Alexandra graduated from the Ryerson School of Journalism in 2014.