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The information below is taken from documents published by the Government of Ontario and the Ontario Women's Directorate together with the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.

  • Sexual assault is about power and control, not sexual desire.
  • Even though sexual violence often goes unreported, there are 460,000 reports of sexual assault in Canada each year. 
  • Of every 1,000 sexual assaults, only 33 are ever reported to police. Of these 33 reported cases, 12 result in charges being laid, 6 are prosecuted and 3 lead to a conviction.
  • Sexual assault is a gender-based crime whose victims are overwhelmingly women—more than 93% of reported adult victims are female, and 99% of accused perpetrators are male.
  • One in three women will experience some form of sexual assault in her lifetime. 
  • Sexual assault victimization rates are five times higher for women under 35 than for women 35 or over. 
  • Between 15% and 25% of college- and university-aged women will experience some form of sexual assault during their academic career.
  • Over half of sexual assaults of postsecondary students involve drugs or alcohol.
  • Women with disabilities are three times as likely to be forced into sexual activity through force or the use of threats as women without disabilities.
  • Worldwide, 35% of all women have experienced either physical or sexual intimate partner violence or non-partner sexual violence. 
  • In 82% of sexual assaults, the assault is committed by someone known to the victim. This can include, for example, a family member, a friend or an acquaintance.

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Please note that the feminine is used throughout this website, but it does not exclude any person who has been a victim of sexual violence.

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