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Is It Too Late For All That Lovey-Dovey Shit? Creating Real Life Spaces For Black Men To Love with Richie Reseda

February 10, 2021
2:30 PM EST - 4:00 PM EST
Zoom Webinar
Open To
Closed Group for Self-Identified Black Men at Laurier and Ryerson University

Moderators: Tolu Kayode (Laurier) and Stephan Allen (Ryerson)

This talk is led by Richie Reseda, abolitionist-feminist producer and organizer who spent 7 years in prison, where showing vulnerability can be life-threatening. Richie will share his experience around being his full self in a patriarchal and oppressive world that often tells men to leave our emotions out of the equation. This space will cover topics like self-love and accountability for Black men. We'll hold the truths that Black men both have the power to stand up against systemic oppression in our communities as well as radically and tenderly love each other and be loved in ways that make our movement stronger and our lives better. If there was a zoom event you could bring your full self to as a Black man, this is it.  

Freed from prison in 2018, Richie Reseda is an abolitionist-feminist producer and organizer. He founded Question Culture, the social-impact record label who co-executive produced the Defund The Sheriff Album in 2020 featuring Vic Mensa, Lauren Juaregui and more; Success Stories, the transformational feminist program for incarcerated men chronicled in the CNN documentary "The Feminist on Cell Block Y;" and cofounded Initiate Justice, which organizes people directly impacted by incarceration to change laws to end it. He works closely with Black Lives Matter, Inspire Justice and more, to transform narratives and upend systems of oppression.

Hosted by Laurier Unveristy, Centre for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, Consent is Goldenn, Ryerson Student Life and Campus Engagement, and Consent Comes First, the Office of Sexual Violence Support and Education.