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Basic Income: A Way Forward for the Left?

A CTV News interview with Kiké Roach on the ongoing global protests against police violence; the struggle against anti-Black racism; and the demand to defund the police

Information Resources

The current global pandemic has further exposed the pre-existing inequalities that continue to impact the lives of the most marginalized in our society. We believe that now more than ever it is important to be informed on issues that are otherwise underreported in the mainstream media. To learn more, and to find progressive media and information resources, visit our Media page.

Fundraisers and Donations

Please visit our Fundraisers and Donations page for information on how you can financially support the ongoing frontline work carried out by grassroots organizations in our community.

Events and Workshops

Despite the transition to online platforms, grassroots movements continue to mobilize and organize around ongoing issues affecting our lives. Click here for more information on current events and workshops on issues relating to housing and homelessness; work and labour; organizing; anti-racism; the environment; migration; food security, and more.


View a list of relevant and ongoing campaigns focusing on areas of workers’ rights; homelessness; status and fairness for im/migrants; abolitionism and decarceration; Indigenous Solidarity; Green New Deal; anti-racism, and more.

Know Your Rights

The measures taken by governments during the COVID-19 pandemic pose real and potential threats to civil liberties, especially for people from underrepresented and marginalized communities. As we face greater policing and possible violation of our rights as workers, tenants, citizens, asylum seekers, and service users, it is important for everyone to be educated about their rights, to stay informed and to advocate for respect for human rights. Visit our Know Your Rights page for quick guides summarizing important legal rights, for links to available legal resources, and community legal clinics.