Students and faculty from Ryerson University gathered at Sunnybrook Hospital on Saturday to visit RTA professor Dana Lee. The popular professor, who is currently receiving medical treatment, is no longer able to teach at Ryerson.

Supporters said they were pleasantly surprised when Lee came outside to speak with the group.

Laura Dittmann, a former RTA student, was in attendance on Saturday. She said she fondly remembers having Lee as a professor.

Staff and students from Ryerson show gratitude for professor Dana Lee at Sunnybrook Hospital.
(Photo by Laura Dittmann)

“Against all logic, one of [my favourite classes] was at 8 a.m., and the subject matter was not easy. But our professor Dana Lee would bound into the lecture hall with enthusiasm and excitement to tell us all about television technical theory.”

Dittmann says that, given Lee’s illness, she was not expecting to be lectured by him again when she went to Sunnybrook on Saturday. But against all odds, he came outside and spoke about creativity and taking care of your brain in front of a crowd of over 100 people.

“We all knew he was fighting a tough battle but he made it look almost easy,” Dittmann said. “He was pacing the courtyard gesturing and laughing, and it was hard to tear him away from the tearful crowd despite much needed rest.”

Dittmann said she was grateful to be there that day. “I’m honoured to have been present and been able to capture photos of that outpouring of love,” she said. “Maybe there will be another lecture in the near future, because he’s Dana.”

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