Dylan Bell works on Broke magazine, set to come out in   (Jemicah Marasigan/ Ryersonian Staff)

Dylan Bell works on Broke magazine (Jemicah Marasigan/ Ryersonian Staff)

Broke, a magazine that started out as a school project, might be the second publication to make an impact outside of Ryerson after beginning life in the classroom.

“We’re shining a spotlight on young creatives in Toronto,” says Dylan Bell, one-half of the student team creating the magazine. “It’s just a lot of talking to people who probably can’t get themselves in a magazine but probably deserve it.”

Started by third-year Ryerson journalism students Bell and Sarah Amormino, Broke is a magazine for “rich minds, but broke back pockets.”

The magazine originally started out to showcase Toronto’s street style, but soon transformed into a “love letter to Toronto” for the broke generation. The magazine is an assignment for the students’ magazine editing class, but after working with about 40 individuals – artists, photographers, makeup artists and writers – the duo have decided to take their hard work to Toronto’s streets.

It’s not the first time a journalism publication has found a life outside the Ryerson course where it had its roots. Stephen Trumper, the duo’s instructor, said the magazine Shameless has also been published outside of his class.

“A few groups did contemplate taking their concepts to the market, but for various reasons never followed through,” Trumper says. “Of course, many of the course’s grads have gone to make their mark at magazines and other publications.”

Thanks to their Kickstarter campaign, which has gained more than its goal of $4,000 and still has five days to go, Bell and Amormino will be making their marks before graduation.

At one point, Kickstarter even promoted the duo’s project, putting it on the front page and Tweeting about the publication.

“We both believed in it enough but we didn’t realize it would resonate with people so strongly,” says Amormino.

“It’s just proof of how much Toronto needs us. There’s really nothing like this. This is really just a magazine for people, not at people, and I feel that makes a huge difference.”

Amormino and Bell hope to sell their first issue for less than $5 at small Toronto-based businesses.

Though the debut issue has yet to be published, Bell says to keep your eyes open for the second issue later on in the year.

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