Team Refresh members watch the results of the RSU 2019 elections come in at the Ram in the Rye on March 14. All executive candidates from Refresh won positions on the executive team. (Zahraa Hmood/Ryersonian)

Refresh has won all executive committee positions in the 2019/2020 Ryerson Students’ Union election.

The sweep was led by incoming president, Vanessa Henry, who won with a total of 1,202 votes.

“I’ve never felt so good in my life,” Henry said. “My team worked so hard. We commute, but we were up at 6 a.m. to be on the ground at Ryerson for 8 a.m. classes. It just shows when you put in the effort it really does pay off.”

Adam Asmar from Inspire came in second to Henry with a total of 898 votes.

“It’s disappointing for sure, I definitely wanted to see a lot of our executives get into office,” Asmar said. “We do have a lot of good board members that got in. For me, this is my fourth time running, but this is about Inspire, Inspire’s vision and Inspire’s movement for change. We got a lot of our board members in, we are still going to get our message across.”

All four slates—including Candor and the Rhino Party, are represented in the board of directors, with Refresh winning a majority of those positions.

Vanessa Henry embraces a student as results for the RSU elections come in. Henry won the role of president for the next RSU team. (Zahraa Hmood/Ryersonian)

Henry also acknowledged that her team has a hard road ahead.

“With the Ford government really pushing to allow students to opt-out of student unions, I know that I’m in for one heck of a year,” Henry said. “But honestly, I’m very educated, I’m very passionate about the work I do, so I promise to be the face of Ryerson and represent Ryerson the best way that I can.”

See below for the full list of winners:


Vanessa Henry—Refresh (1202)

Vice President Marketing

Victoria Anderson-Gardner—Refresh (1253)

Vice President Education

Kwaku Agyemang—Refresh (1219)

Vice President Equity

Vihaan Pereira—Refresh (1130)

Vice President Operations

Augustine Onuh—Refresh (1103)

Vice President Student Life and Events

Joshua Wiggins—Refresh (1190)

Ted Rogers School of Business Management

Milad Moghaddas—Refresh (358)

Nicole Petroff—Refresh (354)

Tania Rasie—Refresh (292)

Anasofia Heilbron—Refresh (286)

Brandon Hughes—Refresh (263)

Matthew Fernandes—Refresh (260)

James Hassos—Inspire (228)

Faculty of Science

Melania Tryhub—Rhino Party (106)

Will Murray—Inspire (98)

Mathew Mozaffari—Inspire (94)

Faculty of Community Services

Zaynab Dhalla—Refresh (163)

Haymattie Beer—Refresh (142)

Umer Quershi—Refresh (142)

Gyvenska Mathurin—Refresh (140)

Natalie Morrison—Inspire (134)

Communications and Design

Hollie Olenik—Refresh (296)

Kristoff Edwards—Refresh (269)

Jaden Burton—Refresh (268)

Hung Le—Refresh (257)

Rachel Struthers—Refresh (202)

Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

Farooq Arshad—Rhino Party (263)

Taha Hashemi—Inspire (242)

Maryam Marei—Inspire (218)

Gunj Patel—Candor (192)

Flemin Francis—Inspire (174)


Maxwell Irwin—Refresh (199)

Vinessa-Marie Hardy—Refresh (194)

Chris Randall—Refresh (177)

Raquel Margulies—Inspire (148)

Graduate Chairperson

Angelique Bernabe—Refresh (Acclaimed)

Graduate Chairperson Education

Amber Grant—Refresh (Acclaimed)

Graduate Chairperson Finance

Charlotte Ferworn—Refresh (Acclaimed)

Graduate Chairperson Student Life and Events

Alicia Kassee—Refresh (47)

International Student Representative

Melissa Salamo—Inspire (Acclaimed)


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