Team Unify cheering in the Ram in the Rye watching the RSU results unfold. (Miriam Valdes-Carletti/Ryersonian)

After three days of voting, the Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) 2018-2019 election results are in. In an overwhelming win, Unify took over 50 per cent of the votes.

Prior to the election results, the Elevate and Rhino parties were underrepresented compared to the sea of Unify pink seen inside the Ram in the Rye. President-elect, Ram Ganesh of the Unify party, won with 3,373 votes. Susanne Nyaga, leader of Elevate, fell to second with 1,344 votes. Matthew Smith, leader of the Rhino party came in last with 552 votes.

The first day in office for the new RSU executive team will be May 1, 2018.


Executive Committee

President – Ram Ganesh (Unify)

VP Education – Salman Faruqi (Unify)

VP Equity – Karolina Surowiec (Unify)

VP Operations – Savreen Gosal (Unify)

VP Student Life & Events- Edmund Sofo (Unify)


Faculty of Arts Directors

Nicholas Chiong (Unify)

Sarah Mohamed (Elevate)

Shehroz Shabbir (Elevate)

Quentin Stuckey (Unify)


Ted Rogers School of Management Directors

Kruti Dave (Unify)

Niall Hickey (Unify)

Nayrouz Mohamed Aly (Elevate)

Ali Mulji (Unify)

Simi Olatunji (Elevate)

Ravneet Sohi (Unify)


Faculty of Communication and Design Directors

Leah Renaud (Unify)

Imbar Slavat (Unify)

Hirra Farooqi (Unify)

Tamar Lyons (Unify)

Jennifer Adler (Unify)


Faculty of Community Services Directors

Chealsea Davenport (Elevate)

Shivangi Gaur (Unify)

Cristal Hines (Elevate)

Ram Ragupathy (Unify)

Khadija Raza (Unify)


Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science Directors

Karol Bahnan (Unify)

Ivyan Chandran (Unify)

Alessandro Cunsolo (Unify)

Daniyal Patricio (Rhino Party)


Faculty of Science Directors  

Evan Almeida (Unify)

Maria Vu (Unify)


Graduate Chairperson

Abishek Patel (Unify)


Graduate Deputy Chairperson Education

Amber Grant (Elevate)


Graduate Deputy Chairperson Finance

Manikandan Murugappan (Unify)


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