Meal: Mango pork with Jamaican rice and peas

Ingredients: pork, scallions, pineapples, mango, rice and kidney beans

(Aaron Navarro/The Ryersonian)

The mango pork with Jamaican rice and peas is served at ILLC on its Week 2 menu. (Aaron Navarro/Ryersonian Staff)

Description: I took my taste buds on a trip to the Caribbean for my latest lunch escapade and went for sliced pork tenderloin. Covered with chunks of mango and pineapple, it was served with a side of traditional Jamaican rice and peas.

Of the three pieces of pork, one was dry, another was moist, and the last was somewhere in between.

Although the tough piece was forgettable, the third one was succulent and formed a tasty duo when paired with the mango and pineapple.

The mixture of juices from the meat and the fruit created a sweet, smoky flavour. The pork’s exterior was crusted sparingly with peppercorns, which gave off that Caribbean flare reminiscent of traditional dishes. However, I only received one slice like that.

The rice and peas were a hearty addition to the meal but unfortunately they were bland.

The rice didn’t let off any flavourful spice. I paired every bite of rice with either the pork or fruit to give it some kick.

Price: For $8.48, this combo is more suited for dinner. It’s only served at the International Living/Learning Centre in January on its Week 2 menu.

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Aaron graduated from the Ryerson School of Journalism in 2015.