We bring you a weekly wrap-up of Canadian campus news produced by senior students in the School of Journalism in Toronto, Canada. It features weekly news from ryersonian.ca, and from the Canadian University Press.

Here are the stories mentioned in this week’s podcast:

Mayor Ford stripped of some of his powers at rowdy council meeting

Trudeaumania at Ryerson residence cafeteria

Milos Raonic wants to be number one

Victoria alleyway’s makeover handed to students

Rye scores new legal program

Ryerson students swimming upstream against TTC fare hikes

All it takes to get fired is a single tweet

Blackberry reveals new luxury Porsche-designed phone

Erynn graduated from the Ryerson School of Journalism in 2014. She was a Ryersonian reporter. She interned with CTV News Channel as a chase producer and has worked alongside Sandie Rinaldo, Jennifer Burke and Jacqueline Milczarek.