The United Black Students of Ryerson (UBSR) will be hosting their seventh annual conference this weekend. For the first time, the conference’s platinum package has sold out completely. This ticket includes a two-night hotel stay along with access to the workshops and the gala.

The conference is billed as a place to discuss issues facing the community for black students within a post-secondary setting.

“It’s so necessary to have a place where black students can see themselves and talk with each other,” said Tari Ngangura, director of events. “Societal barriers make it difficult for more black students to get to post-secondary school…this conference is [designed] to bring together the ones who were able to make it here.”

In addition to workshops, the conference will feature a gala event with special performances, and a talk from keynote speaker Kimalee Phillip.

Phillip is a Toronto-based filmmaker and co-founder of Zenzele, an organization that brings together African-Caribbean women aiming to redefine the way black women are portrayed in film.

This year, workshops are held predominantly by black women. “They bring a different lens and narrative to activism and community organizing,” said Ngangura.

DoubleTree Hilton will be home to the students this weekend with workshops being held at the Ted Rogers building.

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