By: Emma King and Alexia Del Priore

OK, Valentine’s Day cynics – this one is for you. For Cupid’s holiday, we interviewed Ryerson community members about their worst Valentine’s Day stories. From cheating to lazy significant others, these stories will make you want to spend Valentine’s curled up in bed with Netflix and ice cream.

Tiffany Chung, first-year environment and urban sustainability:

Last year on Valentine’s Day, I went out with my boyfriend of seven months for dinner. It was a nice dinner, he paid for the bill – and then he dumped me, right after. I literally was going to spill my water on him but then decided that was too dramatic. And to top it off, I also found out he was cheating on me with my best friend.

Shayan Hassanzadeh, third-year business technology management:

On Valentine’s Day two years ago, I went to dinner with my then girlfriend. We ordered our meals but they accidentally gave us the wrong order. We didn’t notice, and my girlfriend ended up having an allergic reaction – she’s allergic to nuts and we had ordered pad thai. We complained and got free food as well as an apology, but she ended up in the hospital. We were there for six hours. It’s safe to say the night did not go well at all.

Ambar Soekardji, Ryerson employee:

Last year, my ex-boyfriend didn’t put as much effort into Valentine’s Day as I did. I spent $50 on one of every dessert from this Japanese green tea café he really loves. I also bought chocolates for his sister and mom. I went over to his place that night and gave them their gifts. I had previously suggested that we make dinner together and have a nice night. But he ended up making some basic pasta dish and then we sat on the couch with his little sister and ate – it was honestly the least romantic thing ever. The pasta was also something I could have thrown together when I was 10 years old. No flowers, no gifts from him – just like, “Oh, I made you some pasta and also my sister and dog are going to join us for dinner.”

Cindy Lu, fourth-year nursing:

When I was in high school, I had a boo. We had a nice Valentine’s Day dinner; I got a rose,   chocolates, the usual. Afterwards, he ended up leaving to go “home” to his parents’ house. In reality, he went over to another girl’s house. I found out through social media and rumours. I dropped him right after  –  I was like, “Bye!” Although I found out later on, he had gone to this girl’s house on Valentine’s Day to cheat on me.

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