Ryerson community members are reporting being punched, kicked in the leg, pushed, grabbed, hit with a stick and – while in a washroom stall – doused with urine from above. 

Ryerson security sent an email on Sept. 20 listing the latest incidents on campus, including one sexual assault.

Security responded to 86 incidents the week of Sept. 9-16, not including thefts and medical emergencies, and several assaults were sent out as official security alerts.

Assaults, including sexual assaults, represent 85 per cent of publicly listed security alerts since July.

Most incidents occurred on or near Gould, Yonge, Victoria and Dundas streets.

Security responded to 36 incidents of trespassing last week. They barred and escorted the responsible individuals off campus.

Whether the individuals were repeat offenders could not be verified.

In 2017, there were 952 trespasser incidents, according to Ryerson security.

Reports are created and reviewed for every incident reported to security.

“Serious incidents, including assault, hate crimes and robberies are shared with the community,” said Dasha Pasiy, a Ryerson media relations officer.

Ryerson security uses risk-based criteria for reporting incidents to the community. Minor incidents, including some thefts and bylaw infractions are not reported to the community via email.

Below is an interactive map of published incident reports since July. Zoom in to see multiple incidents in the same locations. 

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