By: Aneta Rebiszewski and Tianna Reno

In a new era of love, dating changed from real romance to quirky pick-up lines that usually don’t work. Romances like ones from Titanic seem like a long-gone myth as young millenials venture out to find true love through dating apps. We’re caught in a repeating cycle of texting, meme sharing and gifs, but it usually feels like someone’s time is wasted in the end. Finding true love is more complex than coding.  

The match: *Vibrate* You’ve got a match! In this stage, it’s established that each of you has an interest in the other. You both establish how cute the other is and sparks are undeniable. In analyzing each other’s profile some more and thinking of what to say, it’s now time for one of you to make the first move.

The 2 a.m. text: Hey! You up? The first move has now been made, out of curiosity, and the conversation continues to build. Then you notice both of you are replying to each other late, then one of you decided to say, “Hey, I’m like never on this app anymore, want to take it to text?” Excited about the connection, texts fly at rapid fire and almost become obsessive. You each start to text the smallest things from what you’re eating that hour to something weird you saw on your commute. You start to become comfortable with each then one of you says, “Hey want to reach my base?”

The Netflix and chill: The first date is the official declaration of intent. This is when both of you decide what you really want from the relationship. Is it a hookup or the real deal? While most millennials don’t do real first dates, the night is usually spent cuddled up awkwardly while watching The Office. This is the night where all impressions are made and you can decide if you’re feeling it or not. Be aware of what you say and do, you’re being judged.

The approval: Judgement day brought to you by your best friends. You’ve been on a date or two and have been texting for a few weeks now but, you still can’t make up your mind if they are the one. This is when you confess everything to your friends and see what they have to say. They question all your intentions because they know you the best.

The ghosting: The texting dies down and things get awkward. Usually one of you is not feeling it –or it can be both — and things quickly turn silent. You get ignored, so you start to ignore. This is truly where it all ends and you’re left with thinking what went wrong. Game over, upload a hot profile picture on Tinder and try again.

The dive: Through talking and hookups, the flame of mutual interest continues to stay lit, a relationship is then brought into the picture. You both decide to take the dive and eventually become significant others. As nothing stands in between, you take it from being unofficial to entering a serious relationship.

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