Recently, Maclean’s and The Globe and Mail released their individual guides listing the best ranking universities across Canada.

Although we appreciate both publications’ nods to Ryerson’s esteemed journalism program, the ranking of your prospective university shouldn’t serve as the deciding factor when it comes to picking a post-secondary institution.

Earlier this year, when Ryerson was listed in the bottom of the 2015 QS World University Rankings, Sheldon Levy told The Ryersonian, “I just don’t put a lot of thought into these rankings.”

Ryerson campus (Taylor Stinson / Ryersonian Staff)

Ryerson campus (Taylor Stinson / Ryersonian Staff)

Now that most of us are almost finished our undergraduate degrees, we can’t help but agree.

So for those who are still unsure of where to study we say this: After initial research, focus on personal recommendations and anecdotes from people already working in your targeted industry.

Ask yourself if the degree you’re pursuing can lead to a job that you’d be happy to wake up for each day. More often than not, a candidate who has related experience will get the job over the one who went to a higher-ranking school.

Furthermore, pick where you want to pursue your education based on where you can get the best experience out of the time you spend there. Remember, every campus has its own atmosphere and culture. Ensure that you can envision yourself thriving in that environment for the duration of your time there.

Being surrounded by like-minded individuals is important. It’s the community that you immerse yourself in at school that will provide the future connections you’ll rely on long after you leave campus.

This article was published in the print edition of The Ryersonian on Nov. 11, 2015.

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