It’s hard to be active during the cold Canadian winter. Sub-zero temperatures make staying home an infinitely more appealing option than trucking to the gym in your spandex. But giving in to that comfort and laziness can have dire consequences.

A study published this month in the Canadian Medical Association Journal concluded that the obesity rate in Canada has tripled in the last 26 years, jumping to 18 per cent in 2011 from six per cent in 1985.

Ontario is the third slimmest province (behind British Columbia and Quebec) but that’s no reason to celebrate. The study finds that one in five Canadians will be obese by 2019.

Eighteen to 19 year-olds have an obesity rate of 6.4 per cent across Canada. Those numbers start to move up as you age. The obesity rate jumps to 11.4 per cent for Canadians between 20 and 24.

The best way to tackle a weight problem is to stay active and get real about what you eat before there’s a problem. And we all need a little help in that department.

In the video below, nutritionist and weight loss expert, Ciara Foy, shares her top tips for staying healthy.


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